Psychological expertise with use of polygraph

Do you need an EXPERTISE or a TEST?

Expertise with use of polygraph is a variety of forensic psychological expertise to which the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Examination” applies.
Similar expertise are conducted to establish an evidence base in litigation or during pre-trial investigation.
Expertise should not be confused with polygraph testing.
  • How does a polygraph expertise differ from a regular test?

    Examination (sometimes called test, research) on a polygraph is conducted privately outside the trial or pre-trial investigation.

    The polygraph test is used:

    • when hiring employees
    • to control existing staff
    • for prompt detection of a person who committed a crime
    • to find out other private issues (drugs, cheating, etc.).

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Can the polygraph expertise be evidence in court?


A polygraph is the evidence in court if an expertise with use of polygraph is conducted.

You will find out how to conduct and assign a psychological expertise on a polygraph on this page.

The results of psychological expertise on the polygraph have the same weight as the results of other expertise (trace, handwriting, ballistic) and are evidence for the court and the investigator.

This expertise may be used in criminal, civil, economic or administrative proceedings.

поліграф доказ суд експертиза полиграф доказательство экспертиза

Expert polygraph examiner Volodymyr Vedmid provides the court with an explanation of the conducted expertise in economic proceedings. During the raider capture, the minutes of the General Meeting of the LLC were forged. Expertise on the polygraph proved that the person did not participate in these meetings and did not vote.

Who conducts the expertise?

Part 1 of Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Expertise”: СForensic expert activity is carried out by state specialized institutions, as well as forensic experts who are not employees of the said institutions, and other specialists (experts) in the relevant fields of knowledge in the manner and under the conditions determined by this Law.

State specialized institutions include:

  • research institutions of judicial expertise of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
  • research institutions of forensic expertise, forensic and forensic psychiatric establishments of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • expert services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Other specialists in the relevant fields of knowledge include:

  • expert polygraph examiners of Ukrainian Polygraph Association

logo polygraph upa ukraine ukrainian polygraph association

In practice: in Ukraine psychological expertise with the use of a polygraph are most often conducted by the Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, the Odessa Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise and private expert polygraph examiners of the Ukrainian Polygraph Association, association of expert polygraph examiners “Volodymyr Vedmid and partners”.

What questions are put to the solving of the expertise?

According to subparagraph 6.8.1. of Ministry of Justice Instruction No.55 / 5: “The subject of a computer polygraph survey is to obtain indicative information regarding:

  • the degree of probability of information reported by the interviewee
  • completeness of information provided by the interviewee
  • sources of information obtained by the interviewee
  • perceptions of a particular event by the interviewee
  • other indicative information necessary to construct versions of the investigation of certain events”
Как обучиться на полиграфолога де отримати освіту поліграфолога где получить образование курсы полиграфологов обучение

An example of the expertise with use of a polygraph

Total number of questions submitted for expertise is from six to eight,, not more.

The wording of the questions cannot be put through the comma / through connectors “and”, “or” etc.

For example, such a question cannot be put to research:

“Are there any reactions during the survey with a use of polygraph of a citizen I. Ivanov which testify that on January 17, 2020, he did not punched on the head, torso and legs of a citizen K. Petrov?”

An example of questions that are put to the expertise with use of a polygraph

  • To check the alibi:

    Are there any reactions during the survey with a use of polygraph of a citizen I. Ivanov, which testify that on February 01, 2016 at the time from 12:00 until 14:00 he was at home at app. 10, 10 Heroiv Stalingrada str., Kyiv?

  • To check the prior collusion:

    Are there any reactions during the survey with a use of polygraph of a citizen I. Ivanov, which testify that on  August 10, 2019 during phone call he passed on to P. Petrenko information about the leftover cash from cash desk of enterprise “Zorja”?

  • To check criminal actions

    Are there any reactions during the survey with a use of polygraph of a citizen I. Ivanov, which testify that on September, 16 2019 at the time from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. he stabbed citizen P. Petrov  while drinking with him alcohol.

It is methodologically incorrect to ask on polygraph questions about subjective signs of a person’s actions (motive, intent, purpose). The questions should relate to the actions of the person in the past.

One question – one specific action.

Stages of Forensic Expertise using the polygraph

Stage №1

Detailed description of the case by the customer with the provision of copies of all available procedural documents. Agreeing with the expert polygraph examiner on issues considered for examination.

Stage №2

Personal statement with the purpose of conducting Forensic Expertise using the polygraph to expert polygraph examiner or investigator/court, which is considering the case.

Since October 2019 parties can directly contact private polygraph examiners, including those who are not in the Register of Forensic Examiners.

To order an expertise it is enough to fill application form – please find the sample below:


Stage №2 (alternative variant)

The investigator / the court satisfies the request of conducting Forensic Expertise using the polygraph and entrust the Ukrainian Polygraph Association with it.

In case if your petition was denied, we will help you to challenge it in proper way.  It is included in the price of the psychological expertise with use of polygraph.


Stage №3

Expert polygraph examiner looks into all case materials and assign a place and time of expertise with use of polygraph.

Expert polygraph examiner must read the case materials in detail in order to not miss important information.

Stage №4

Polygraph examiner conducts an expertise with use of polygraph (lie detector).

Expertise consists of one or two examinations. Average duration of the examination – 2 hours.

Stage №5

Polygraph examiner prepares conclusion based on the results of an expertise with use of polygraph and send it to customer, investigator/court.

The results of an expertise with use of polygraph are being transmitted to the investigator/judge appointed expertise, is transmitted by sending an official cover letter to the investigator or judge, who has appointed the examination, which is an unspecified basis for admission of the examination to the case file.

The materials are provided by

володимир ведмідь владимир ведмидь полиграфолог эксперт експерт психологічна експертиза з використанням поліграфу

Vedmid Volodymyr Anatoliiovych

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I will conduct a psychological examination of any complexity.

I will help the lawyers to prepare all the necessary procedural materials for examination.

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