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 We provide professional polygraph examination / lie detector services in Kyiv, Kyiv region, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Cherkasy, Poltava, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Chernivtsi and others cities.

Our reputation is spotless. The most popular public figures in Ukraine rely on us.
Перевірка на поліграфі Олега Винника

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik takes polygraph test in order to disprove false allegations


  1. Since 2010, we have been helping businesses minimize risks.
  2. For each area and position, templates have been developed that adapt to your model.
  3. We know exactly how to detect: shortages, kickbacks, bribes, information leakage, work for competitors and other threats to your business.


    1. Drug use.
    2. Alcohol abuse.
    3. Theft in the previous company.
    4. Left earnings, taking bribes and kickbacks.
    5. Collection and disclosure of confidential information.
    6. Collaboration with competitors or criminal organizations.
    7. Fake company documents, signatures of executives.
    8. Fraud at previous jobs.
    1. Shortage or damage to goods and values
    2. Kickbacks and bribes in the procurement departments, work with contractors.
    3. Discharge of confidential and commercial information to 3 persons.
    4. Forgery and falsification of documents: reports to owners, accounting and management accounting.
    5. Work for competitors: transfer of orders, contract terms, project features.
    6. Official misconduct: flagrant violation of internal rules.
    7. Assignment of assets: raw materials, finished products, cash and cashless funds, intellectual property.
    1. Creating fraudulent schemes to enrich themselves.
    2. Entering inaccurate information in management reporting.
    3. Discharge of confidential and commercial information to 3 persons.
    4. Opening a similar business, pulling customers, plans


  1. We do specialize in investigations
  2. We don’t just give conclusions based on the results of a study using a polygraph.
  3. We do find stolen money, dead bodies, murder weaponsOver the past 10 years we have solved dozens crimes and keep moving.

ПРОВЕРКА преступников на полиграфе тест на детекторе лжи детектор брехні поліграф #ваптестує

    1. Drug use.
    2. Alcohol abuse.
    3. Thefts at previous workplaces.
    4. Illegal profits (bribes, kickbacks).
    5. Leakage of confidential information.
    6. Work for competitors or criminal groups.
    7. Forgery of documents or boss’s signature.
    8. Fraud at previous workplace.
    1. Theft or damage of products and property
    2. Kickbacks and bribes in the purchasing department.
    3. Leakage of confidential commercial information.
    4. Financial statement fraud and other fraudulent statements.
    5. Work for competitors: transfer of orders, contract terms, project information
    6. Disciplinary offences: workplace rule-breaking.
    7. Thefts of: raw materials, products, cash and non-cash assets, intellectual property.


    1. Personal benefit of using fraud schemes.
    2. Fraudulent statements.
    3. Leakage of confidential commercial information.
    4. Establishment of similar business using client database of previous workplace.
    1. Where the stolen goods are hidden – money, values, things.
    2. Where have the means of committing the crime gone: knife, gun, locks, etc.
    3. Where the corpse was taken / hidden – in the investigation of the killings.
    4. Where narcotics are concealed – when investigating drug trafficking crimes.


  1. Your surroundings are your risks: security guards, janitors, nannies, personal assistants. At first they are trusted and then used.
  2. Betrayal in relationships: Suspicions make both lives impossible. Suspicions destroy trust and lead to constant scandals. Test your companion or yourself, find out or prove what you need.
  3. Addiction is detected in time – it is already 50% of its overcoming. This may be your child’s or family’s dependency on drugs, gambling, kleptomania. You will know about it, but it may be late. If there is a suspicion, the polygraph

полиграф измена зрада тест поліграф зрада детектор брехні як виявити зраду

    1. Was it sex (classic, oral, anal) – with other persons during the relationship / family life.
    2. What was the number of sexual partners – in case of suspicion of the past.
    3. Has a constant lover / lover how long the relationship lasts.
    4. Whether married / in a relationship with another person is a double life.
    1. The fact of collecting and transmitting compromise on you and your entourage is to check cooperation with competitors and law enforcement agencies.
    2. Petty theft of property – from your wallet, from home, office.
    3. The presence of addictions (drugs, debt, illness) – which potentially make him dependent on others.
    4. Finding an alternative place of work is a lack of real intentions for collaboration.
    1. Drivers are overstating fuel costs and repairing cars.
    2. Babysitting – child abuse, beating.
    3. Cleaners are petty thefts of cleaning products, household items, wallets.
    4. Gathering and transmitting information about you and your surroundings is to bring criminals to you and your premises.
Guaranteed, UAH
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Top management testing
Private matters
Trial testing
Forensic examination
10 000
Psychodiagnostic testing
For more than 10 persons
For more than 100 persons
Testitn a married couple
50% for the 2-nd person

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Tetiana Morozova
полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

Doctor of Psychological Sciences.

Author of 65 scientific works in the field of legal and correctional psychology.

Author of the first in Ukraine textbook “The polygraphology”.

Has conducted more than 8 000 polygraph tests.

Volodymyr Vedmid
полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

Expert polygraph examiner, lawer.

Specializes in conducting forensic psychological examinations with the  use of a computer polygraph.

Co-author of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Polygraph Activity”.

Has conducted more than 5 000 polygraph tests.

Liudmyla Drozdova
полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

Specializes in solving crimes with the use of a computer polygraph

Has solved more than 20 murders, dozens of rapes and hundreds of grave crimes.

Routinely cooperates with law enforcement.

Svitlana Lasunova
полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University.

Forensic polygraph examiner of Odessa Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

Has conducted more than 3 000 polygraph tests.

Aliona Trachuk
 полиграфолог поліграфолог вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов

Forensic polygraph examiner of Lviv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise

Has conducted more than 3 000 polygraph tests and dozens of forensic psychological examinations with the  use of a computer polygraph.

Sergiy Melenko

Doctor of Juridical Science.

Specializes in pre-employment screenings and investigatios at work.

Author of more than 10 scientific works in the field of polygraphology.

We conduct tests on best Ukranian and foreign polygraphs, which provide the highest level of accuracy.
Поліграф Рубікон, Axciton, Lafayette та Риф

This photo shows polygraphs: Lafayette, Rubicon, Rif, and Axciton, which we use in our work. We are the only ones in Ukraine who conduct polygraph tests on four polygraphs, guarantying the highest level of accuracy of our conclusions.


We do know how to conduct polygraph test legally correct.

  • Does polygraph examiner has document on education of the state?

Our answer – YES

  • Can polygraph examiner provide documents proving that polygraph was purchased / legality of purchase of polygraph?

Our answer – YES

  • Does polygraph examiner use polygraph corresponding to DSTU 8692:2016?

Our answer – YES

Can anyone else give the same answers? – NO!


Stage №1

At first client explains in detail situation that happened (if it is necessary, he provides with documents). Together with polygraph examiner they approve list of questions are going to be asked during the test.

All questions should correlate with actions of examinee in the past, his/her knowleges, etc.

Stage №2

Expert polygraph examiner looks into all case materials and assign a place and time of polygraph testing.

Expert polygraph examiner must read the case materials in detail in order to not miss something important while preparing polygraph tests.

Stage №3

A polygraph examination normally takes approximately 2 hours.

Stage №4

Polygraph examiner prepares conclusion based on the results of a study using a polygraph and send it to customer.

Customer can receive the conclusion on the results of examinations with the use of a computer polygraph in the office, by post or by e-mail.




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All services mentioned on the site of UPA are provided by company DSP (legal entity’s identification code  30780287) or private polygraph examiners.

Polygraph test. Price starts from 1800 UAH.

Polygraph testing of employees, housekeeping staff, wife or husband, teenagers. Polygraph examination allows quickly find out thefts, the use of illicit substances, deception, infidelity. Professional polygraph examiners of the Ukrainian polygraph association provide services in Kiev and all over Ukraine.

Polygraph examination is one of the most effective and reliable ways to know whether a person is telling the truth or lying. In prosperous countries in the East and West it has been used for long time because of opportunity to find out important information about employees, personal environment and to use it in solving crimes. Polygraph examinations are not so common in Ukraine, but have already shown good results in the judicial and business spheres, as well as in personal relations.

How Does a Polygraph Work?

Many of us have seen on TV the way how polygraph test is being conducted. But in real life, polygraph test consists of several steps.

  1. Preparation. At home you do not need any specific preparation. At the beginning of the test polygraph examiner conducts preliminary conversation – talks about testing, reads all questions in order to be sure that person understands all the words and their meaning. At the same time, he evaluates reactions to certain questions to use it while conducting polygraph test.
  2. Polygraph examination. Polygraph examiner places sensors on and around examinee’s hands, feet and body. Afetr that examination starts. Polygraph examiner repeats the same questions 2-3 times with short pauses.
  3. Preparations of conclusions. After the test polygraph examiner looks at the graphs and writes a conclusion. The results can be passed on only to customer to guarantee full confidentiality. As you can see there is nothing difficult, polygraph tests can pass people of all ages.

When you may need polygraph test?

This way of truth detecting is very popular. It can be used for private matters or business. Polygraph tests are also commonly used in courts to prove innocence.

In summary you can use polygraph for:

  • Employees testing. Large companies submit employees to polygraph tests once/twice a year. It allows to prevent industrial espionage and detect employees’ attitude towards work. Polygraph examinations are regularly used for top management testing (financial directors, Chief Accountants). In this way you get all the answers at once;
  • polygraph examination for housekeepers. If you have personal security guards, maids, cooks – it never hurts to submit your staff to polygraph.  It will help you to be sure that you are able to count on people which every day stay at your home or surround you;
  • polygraph in court. In October 2019 legislative changes have been made, since then court permission is not needed. Nowdays forensic psychological examinations with the use of a computer polygraph becomes more popular In Ukraine;
  • polygraph examinations for couples and relatives are also commonly used. It allows to disclose infidelity, deception, other.

Who conducts polygraph test?

Polygraph test can be conducted by person who has education, experience and permission. For example, in our
Registry there are more than 300 members of the Ukranian Polygraph Association. These experts demonstrated the highestlevel of professional  competence. Our experts conducted more than 50 000 polygraph tests at the moment. For this we use modern equipment with most sensitive sensors: Rubicon, Lafayette, Rif, and Axciton. These polygraphs are used in many countries.

Polygraph test – 5 reasons to call us:

  1. Сomplete confidentiality. We undertake not to disclose the test results or case materials.
  2. Accuracy and data validation. The accuracy of results is about 85-97%. If this number is lower or the person who passed the test strongly disagrees with the results and is able to provide a rebuttal, we provide retest for free.
  3. Polygraph tests are being conducted by experts with government-issued educational document.
  4. Flexible pricing policy. Each type of test has its own price, for our loyal customers and large companies we have special offers.
  5. 25 representative offices in Ukraine! Polygraph tests in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia and other large cities.

If you have doubts or questions – call us!  UPA (The Ukrainian Polygraph Association) – is the best choice, because we have experience, knowledge, modern equipment and the most important – individual approach to examinees.