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All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners (UARP) is the largest professional association of polygraph examiners in Kyiv and Ukraine (more than 200 specialists) who conducted more than 30 thousand tests.

We have 24 Representative Offices in all regions of Ukraine.

We conduct polygraph tests in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Cherkassy, Zhytomyr, Kropivnitsky, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod, Sumy, Vinnitsa and other Ukrainian cities.


Cost of 1 check on polygraph
Guaranteed, UAH
Checking staff
Investigation of a crime
Private check
Polygraph exam expert
Comprehensive review
When checking more than 5 people
When checking more than 10 people
When checking more than 50 people
On checking the couples
1000 UAH


  • Checking candidates for work

    Tests on the polygraph – an effective tool for selecting the frames you need.

    Each employee is a small piece of your company that will work either for the benefit or abuse its position.

    Buyer – “kickback”; fіddirector – fraud; programmer – “pooling of databases”; top manager – work on competitors; and whom do you want to hire?

    Each post is a risk in the future.

    We minimize future risks by finding out the past.

  • Testing of the operating personnel

    Why check every six months and a half?

    The answer is simple – preventive action: workers will not harm the company, realizing that they will have to pass a lie detector test, after which there may be a release or a prosecution.

    Scheduled checks on the polygraph reduce to 70-80% of thefts and illegal actions that are damaging.

    For other employees, this is a calm of unnecessary suspicion and a potential opportunity to pay losses to the entire team caused by a thief.

  • Polygraph for top management

    The fish rotting from the head. An old, but true, proverb.

    The top positions in the company are exactly this head. Checking top managers on a polygraph is the first task to be sure of your business. Often, most TOPs are aware of the intricacies of business and go to a crime in the hope that they will not be exposed.

    And there’s no question of trust – every business needs confidence in the future.

    If all the leaders were decent, we would not have seen: the opening of a similar company, manipulation of cash flows, work on competitors, etc.


  • Investigation of theft

    Theft from apartment, car or baggage will not surprise anyone anymore.

    It is difficult and long to identify those involved with standard methods. Appeal to the police? – Nowadays the result is predictable.

    The only right decision is to check the suspects of a lie detector.


    • minimize information leakage;
    • turn to a professional polygraph examiner.

    Given the importance of the issue, you have approached the largest company in Ukraine, where the best experts work.

  • Exposing fraudsters

    If you are a victim of fraud and are not sure who has surrounded you around the finger – offer a check on the polygraph for your possible offender.

    In any case, you will know the truth, in the event of a refusal – you will have substantiated suspicions and greater confidence that you were right.

    If, however, your suspicions were false, the suspect would prove that he was not involved and you would not waste time on untrue suspicions.

    In this case, the polygraph examiner will help you put forward new versions and move in the right direction to find the perpetrators.

  • Proof of non-participation

    If you are suspected of committing unlawful actions, and you have nothing to do with them, but there is little evidence to you – you to us.

    We will help you to protect your honor and dignity and convince the victims that they will not blame you in their problems.

    As experience shows, out of 100 people undergoing a polygraph test, 75 are unrelated. Why? Just because they are involved, not wanting to be caught, find the reasons not to go to the test.

  • Search for real evidence

    We are not limited only to the conclusion of the involvement or non-involvement of the suspect in committing an unlawful act.

    We study the case, process documents, analyze the plot.

    We seek and find evidence, lost money and values.

    There are special techniques for constructing research, in order to establish not only the involvement, but also the location of hiding the stolen or, for example, the location of the corpse in the murder.


  • Checking home staff

    Every day we deal with:

    • drivers who overvalue the cost of servicing cars;
    • nannies, which give children soothing, because they annoy them;
    • cleaners who are tempted by the values of the employer.

    Often, these people are becoming “gunmen” for plundering homes.

    You need to understand that people who work for you see your abundance, and sometimes it forces them to cross the limit. Are you sure that your employees are not deceiving you?

    Keep only proven people around you!

  • Personal security check

    Bodyguards are those you trust in your business, family, life. Is It Worth It To Take Risks When Choosing People From Which At Any Time Everyone Can Allow.

    We had a deal with bodyguards who had stolen money from an employer and blamed the son of a businessman. And the teenager himself was hooked and blackmailed by the fact that he would tell about his passion for drugs.

    Are you sure that your security does not work on a competitor? What does nobody secretly record you? What are they completely loyal to you?

    Do not risk doing research on a polygraph.

  • Checking trustees

    It is not possible to do the work successfully, therefore, we employ people who can delegate some of the functions.

    Why take risks and allow proper verification? In any business we all want to minimize risks. Check who you trust your business.

    From our many years of experience, we argue that decent and honest people – do not refuse from the polygraph, but rather confidently go to work together on trust.

  • Invest or not?

    They say money is harder to hold than to earn.

    Before implementing your investment, think over the ability to test those you trust in saving.

    We have a lot of clients who have invested in the fraudsters we’ve exposed.

    If you are at the stage of deciding where to invest money and looking for verification methods. We are waiting for you!


  • Detection of marital treason:

    Detecting some of the questions for which you can find answers by checking on a lie detector:

    • whether he betrayed one of the spouses for a certain period of time;
    • whether there were sexual relationships with someone other than your husband/ wife;
    • was/ is a mistress/l over;
    • whether there was a secret date;
    • number of sexual partners for a certain period of time;
    • propensity for homosexuality, bisexuality.

    Do you have any other questions to your other half? We are waiting for your call! Brawling betrayals:

  • Establishing facts of family life

    Each of us fell into a situation where we are right, but we can not prove anything.

    Polygraph – out of the situation, the best proof of truth. Whatever the difficult situation you are, we are competent to explore and understand the most complex suspicions or allegations.

    If you are still hesitant, we are ready to give you a free consultation.

  • The main risks for minors

    In the current pace of life, it is extremely difficult to follow its minor child. Teens are inclined to easily say foolish acts (drugs, prostitution, theft, etc.)

    In order to protect your child, you must know what your child is actually doing. Stress from a polygraph check is just meager with the possible consequences of ignorance of what your child lives.

  • Other issues

    We conduct polygraph examinations.

    We teach polygraph examiners.

    We produce and sell the first Ukrainian polygraph “RUBIKON”.

    We unite all polygraph examiners of Ukraine.

    Experts of the UARP are ready to provide you with a professional service for detecting lies in the most difficult cases 24/7 in any corner of Ukraine.


Together with the channel STB conducted an investigation into the murder of Iryna Nozdrovsky, police chiefs were checked by the main suspects.



At the moment, in the array of polygraph examiners of the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners, there are the most advanced and most accurate polygraphs in the world, namely: Lafayette, Rubicon, Reef and Axciton.

Each of these polygraphs is a legend in the field of instrumental lie detection. We will individually select for you the technical and methodological basis for the test.


The All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners currently unites more than 250 polygraph examiners from different cities of Ukraine. A complete list of specialists is contained in the ONLY POLYGRAPHOG REGISTER.

You can independently choose a specialist with whom you would like to collaborate. For this you need to call +38 (044) 5781900.



Experts-polygraph examiners of the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners (VAP) conducted hundreds of examinations in litigation and here are some of the results we achieved:

  • argued that the defendants were not involved in serious crimes;
  • proves the presence of coercion in providing confessions;
  • assisted in returning property during civil proceedings;
  • shbias of judges.


The competence of a forensic expert (polygraph examiner) includes the formulation of conclusions on the following issues:

  1. The degree of awareness of the person under investigation about the event or details of the initiator of the examination, due to the presence (absence) of human images of images formed in connection with what happened.
  2. On the circumstances of obtaining the person being examined the information about the event, which served as the reason for conducting psychophysiological examination with the use of a polygraph.
  3. Rthe actions / inactions of the person at the events that became the subject of the study.

An indicative list of issues that can be applied by an expert polygraph examiner in practice during a psycho-physiological examination with the use of a technical means – a computer polygraph:

  • did the investigated actions / inaccuracies that occurred in the past, which caused him the fault or became the reason for the subject of the dispute (whether he struck, used violence, or took money from the safe, entered into a sexual relationship, transmitted documents, received money, shot someone Anything, falsified documents / money / securities, etc.);
  • whether the investigator was present and saw the process of committing an unlawful act, regarding the circumstances of which the examination is carried out using the polygraph (or witnessed);
  • does the student deliberately hide any known information about the event under study?
  • are there any allegations made by a victim about a person who is suspected of having committed a violent or other unlawful act?
  • are there any allegations of self-immolation being investigated when he claims to be involved in the commission of a crime in the event of the confiscation of his guilt?


We know how to conduct the examination correctly.
In order for your examination on a polygraph not to be “broken down” on a formal sign, any attorney will find out for the beginning the following questions:

  • Does the expert have a proper education, confirmed by a state standard document?

    Our answer – YES

  • Does the expert have documents confirming the legality of the acquisition / origin of a polygraph in Ukraine?

    Our answer – is YES

  • Does an expert use a polygraph that meets GSTU 8692: 2016?

    Our answer – YES

Someone will respond the same way? – NO!


The procedure for appointing and conducting psycho-physiological examinations with the use of a polygraph is regulated by the order of the Ministry of Justice No. 53/5 dated 08.10.1998 “On Approval of the Instruction on the appointment and conducting of forensic examinations and expert studies and scientific and methodological recommendations on the preparation and appointment of forensic examinations and expert research “, which describe both the possibilities of psychological examination (research) and the responsibilities, rights and responsibilities of forensic experts of the state specialized expert those institutions, and those certified judicial experts who do not work in state specialized expert institutions.

An expert polygraph examiner directly provides the court with a conclusion of a forensic psychological examination using a polygraph, which will then enter the evidence base of the case

According to Part 1 of Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Examination”: “Forensic expert activity in criminal proceedings is carried out by state specialized institutions, and in other cases also by judicial experts who are not employees of these institutions, and other experts (experts) from the relevant branches of knowledge in the order and under the conditions established by this Law “.

According to Part 2 of Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Examination”: “A person or body who designates or orders a judicial examination may entrust its execution to those judicial experts who are entered in the State Register of Certified Judicial Experts or other specialists from the relevant branches of knowledge.”

It is very important that the expert has a document about the education of an educational institution that has a corresponding license and used a polygraph corresponding to DSTU 8692: 2016.

Otherwise, the conclusion may not be recognized by the court as evidence.


That is, psycho-physiological examination with the use of a polygraph in the vast majority of cases was more necessary and useful precisely to confirm the innocence of a person in committing a criminal offense.

It should be acknowledged that this situation is natural and justified, since instrumental research with the use of a polygraph should not be considered as a means to confirm the guilt of a person in committing a criminal offense, since at the basis of any such poll, the psychological component is above all the desire of the person to confirm the truthfulness of their statements, that is, the need for self-preservation.


Stage № 1

Detailed description by the customer of the case file, on which the expert lie on the lie detector, with the provision of copies of all available procedural documents. Agree with a polygraph expert on issues that are planned before being submitted for examination.

All questions in the research on the polygraph can relate solely to the actions of the researcher in the past, knowledge of the subject about a particular fact, its participation in certain or other actions.

Stage № 2

Sending a petition for expert examination to the investigator or to the court hearing the case on the merits.

Examination on the polygraph can be carried out not only in the criminal process, but also in civil or administrative. If you have not returned the debt, you became a hostage to the fraudsters, you were forced to sign a document, illegally accused of committing actions that you did not, the expert on the lie detector will help you to consolidate your evidence base.

Requests must include samples of court decisions / sentences in which polygraph examinations were used.

Stage № 3

The satisfaction of the investigator or court with a petition for conducting a psycho-physiological examination using a polygraph and issuing a corresponding resolution, in which the examination of the lie detector is entrusted to the All-Ukrainian Association of Polygraph examiners.

In case of refusal to comply with the petition, we will help you to properly and reasonably appeal it. This is included in the cost of conducting forensic examination on a polygraph.

Stage № 4

Introduction to the expert-polygraph examiner with materials of the case, appointment of the place and time of the examination.

An expert polygraph examiner must read in detail all the materials of the case in order to construct methodically correct tests for polygraph examination and not lose important details.

Stage № 5

Conducting a forensic psycho-physiological examination using a polygraph (lie detector).

Polygraph survey can be conducted in several stages. The duration of one stage of the study is about 2-3 hours.

Stage № 6

Drawing up a conclusion on the results of the examination and transfer it to the customer and investigator / court.

The transmission of the conclusion on the results of examination on the lie detector is by way of sending an official cover letter to the investigator or judge who appointed an examination, which is a non-exclusionary reason for adding an examination to the case file.


Cost of 1 check on polygraph
Guaranteed, UAH
Checking staff
Polygraph exam expert
Private check
Polygraph exam expert
Comprehensive review
When checking more than 5 people
When checking more than 10 people
When checking more than 50 people
On checking the couples
1000 UAH


For more detailed information on conducting forensic psychological examination using a polygraph, please contact:

Vedmid Volodymyr Anatoliyovych

Executive Director of the UРА, founder of the UРА

Polygraph examiner, lawyer, security officer of the SBU

Teacher of Psychology, Odessa National University

Co-author of the bill “On Polygraph Activities”

Contact: +38 (096) 966 9000


For customers who want to have the most complete picture, we involve professional psychologists in our research.

Main directions of psychological research:

  • definition of individual characteristics of a person;
  • determining the motivation of activity;
  • definition of features of emotional reactions;
  • definition of the dominant personal qualities.

Advantages of additional psychological research:

Psychological study allows to reveal the exact motives and content of concrete actions of a person, as well as features of his behavior in certain situations.

Psychological study allows to:

  • evaluate the mental and intellectual development of the individual;
  • to study the specifics of cognitive processes (memory, thinking, speech);
  • to determine the peculiarities of the course of emotional states;
  • assess the degree of awareness of one’s own actions by the individual;
  • understand the structure of the system of personality motivation;
  • to study the peculiarities of the individual characteristics of the individual.


For more detailed information on conducting forensic psycho-physiological expertise using a polygraph, please contact:

Popov Dmitry Dmitrievich

Candidate of Psychological Sciences

expert psychologist

officer of the stock of the SBU

author of the methodology of psychological assessment of the authenticity of evidence

specialist in the field of non-instrumental detection of lies

contact: +38 096 966 9000

All services of an entrepreneurial nature, which are referred to on the website of the UARP, provided by DSP (EDRPOU 30780287) or private polygraph examiners responsible for compliance with trade or service legislation.