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History of polygraph RUBICON


development of technical documentation, creation of a system board, prototype manufacturing of sensors, permitting documentation


industrial production of the first copies of “RUBICON” polygraph in a plastic case


beginning of development of own software “RUBICON”


release of the second model of the “RUBICON” polygraph, a new motherboard, a shielded body, a new SGR sensor


new metal cases for 1 and 2 models, release of the 1st version of the software “RUBIKON”

The development of the computer polygraph “RUBICON” used the most advanced technologies that exist today:

  • reliable connectors and high quality sensors
  • environmentally friendly materials
  • seven registration channels
  • increased warranty up to 3 years

The equipment completely meets the international standards and essentially cheaper foreign analogues.

The polygraph RUBICON has been exported to more than 20 countries around the world:




Polygraph RUBICON consists of a registration block, which contains 7 independent connectors – registration channels, each of which connects the corresponding sensor (sensor).

SGR – the channel of electrocutaneous activity (skin-galvanic reaction)

  • fixed plates (50×50 mm)
  • contact surface gold-plated (15 microns)
  • double-sided velcro “Velcro” (15 cm)
  • cable with double shielding (150 cm)
  • Jack connector (3.5 mm)

PPG – the channel of peripheral cardiovascular activity (photoplethysmogram)

  • removable housing (photopolymer plastic)
  • photodiodes are fixed in the housing
  • double-sided Velcro (15 cm)
  • cable with double shielding (150 cm)
  • Jack connector (3.5 mm)

Breathing – two channels: thoracic and diaphragmatic respiratory activity

  • pneumatic tube silicone (20 cm)
  • fixators from photopolymer plastic
  • stainless steel fasteners
  • nickel chain (150 cm)
  • connecting tube silicone (150 cm)

Pressure – channel of central cardiovascular activity

  • pneumatic tube silicone (20 cm)
  • fixators from photopolymer plastic
  • stainless steel fittings
  • nickel plated chain (150 cm)
  • connecting tube silicone (150 cm)

Tremor – channel of motor activity (detection of counteraction)

  • housing removable (polymer cloth)
  • carrying case
  • double-shielded cable (150 cm)
  • Jack cable connector (3.5 mm)

Audio – channel for acoustic activity, microphone

  • Plastic housing
  • Removable cover (polyurethane foam)
  • Screened cable (180 cm)
  • Jack connector (3.5 mm)



The quality of the Rubicon product and the legality of its use are confirmed by the following documents:



Polygraph “RUBICON” 1-st model – 3000 US dollars (2800 for polygraph-exeminers of courses UPA)

поліграф рубікон полиграф рубикон rubicon

Polygraph “RUBICON” 1-st model. Perfect for beginner polygraph examiners.

Polygraph “RUBICON” 2-nd model – 3500 US dollars (3300 for polygraph-exeminers of courses UPA)

It has a modified motherboard that allows you to better record the reaction of the person who is undergoing the study. The kit includes an additional sensor galvanic skin response, which is used depending on the state of the person and the ambient temperature.

поліграф рубікон рубикон rubicon polygraph axciton lafayette полиграф

Polygraph “RUBICON” premium grade – 4500 US dollars (4300 for polygraph-exeminers of courses UPA)

The kit includes:

  • anti-vandal suitcase with pressure drop valve for transportation by plane;
  • automatic tonometer to measure the pressure of the respondent;
  • automatic breathalyzer, which is used for signs of intoxication;
  • additional tremor sensor for professional detection of responder’s counteraction;
  • 3 year warranty on all polygraph sensors (standard sensor warranty is 1 year).

полиграф рубикон rubicon поліграф детектор брехні детектор лжи axciton lafayette лафает акситон


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