Polygraph “Rubicon”

1st professional polygraph invented in Ukraine

полиграф рубикон рубекон поліграф рубікон rubicon

Since 2012, Ukrainian scholars have started to develop the first Ukrainian polygraph “Rubicon”.
In 2014 there were two significant events: the creation of the All-Ukrainian Association and the industrial production and implementation of the first model of the Ukrainian polygraph Rubicon (Rubicon).
A polygraph is a tool for detecting false information – a lie.

The development of the computer polygraph “Rubicon” used the most advanced technologies that exist today.

The developers of Liejection Detectors “Rubicon” took into account the many years of experience in using foreign-made polygraphs and best implemented the wishes of practicing polygraph examiners from the CIS and other countries, namely:

  • reliable connectors and high quality sensors
  • environmentally friendly materials
  • seven registration channels
  • increased warranty up to 3 years

The equipment completely meets the international standards and essentially foreign analogues.

Rubicon Polygraphs are ideal for use in public, commercial or private structures.
The Rubicon Polygraph has been procured over the last three years and is currently actively used in:


Polygraph Rubicon as the first and second model consists of a registration block, which contains 7 independent connectors – registration channels, each of which connects the corresponding sensor (sensor).

SGR – the channel of electrocutaneous activity (skin-galvanic reaction)

  • fixed plates (50×50 mm)
  • contact surface gold-plated (15 microns)
  • double-sided velcro “Velcro” (15 cm)
  • cable with double shielding (150 cm)
  • Jack connector (3.5 mm)

PPG – the channel of peripheral cardiovascular activity (photoplethysmogram)

  • removable housing (photopolymer plastic)
  • photodiodes are fixed in the housing
  • double-sided Velcro (15 cm)
  • cable with double shielding (150 cm)
  • Jack connector (3.5 mm)

Breathing – two channels: thoracic and diaphragmatic respiratory activity

  • pneumatic tube silicone (20 cm)
  • fixators from photopolymer plastic
  • stainless steel fasteners
  • nickel chain (150 cm)
  • connecting tube silicone (150 cm)

Pressure – channel of central cardiovascular activity

  • pneumatic tube silicone (20 cm)
  • fixators from photopolymer plastic
  • stainless steel fittings
  • nickel plated chain (150 cm)
  • connecting tube silicone (150 cm)

Tremor – channel of motor activity (detection of counteraction)

  • housing removable (polymer cloth)
  • carrying case
  • double-shielded cable (150 cm)
  • Jack cable connector (3.5 mm)

Audio – channel for acoustic activity, microphone

  • Plastic housing
  • Removable cover (polyurethane foam)
  • Screened cable (180 cm)
  • Jack connector (3.5 mm)




The quality of the Rubicon product and the legality of its use are confirmed by the following documents:



Polygraph "RUBIKON" 1 model, standard cost
3 000,00 USD
Cost for law enforcement and government agencies
2 900,00 USD
The cost for people who have been trained in the UPA
2 800,00 USD
Polygraph "RUBIKON" 2 model, standard cost
3 500,00 USD
Cost for law enforcement and government agencies
3 400,00 USD
The cost is for those who have undergone training in the UPA
3 300,00 USD
All the sensors are included, the prices are indicated in case of loss / damage:
Wagon SGR
110,00 USD
Wagon PPG
90,00 USD
Wagon Breathing
110,00 USD
Wagon Pressure
90,00 USD
Wagon Tremor
90,00 USD
Wagon Audio
20,00 USD
Polygraph examiner chair
6 990,00 UAH
Foot stand
500,00 UAH
Call for order
+38(096)966 9000

The sale of a polygraph and equipment is carried out by an official exclusive dealer on the territory of Ukraine, and therefore no leverage is available. Calculations are made in UAH (cash / cashless) at market rates.



Be alert!

97% of polygraphs of foreign production (Axciton, RIF, Chris, Barrier, Diana, Lafayette, Limestone, Stoelting, Epos …) are imported into the customs territory of Ukraine by smuggling – without declaration and customs clearance, that is, by the “gray way”.

By purchasing a smuggled polygraph, you become an accomplice to the offense, and your findings using such “gray” polygraphs will be considered inappropriate.

Always ask the person who sells you a polygraph, the following documents:

  • technical passport for a polygraph, software and user manual in Ukrainian (otherwise the
  • polygraph will not comply with DSTU 8692: 2016);
  • a receipt for the acquisition of this polygraph / transfer / cash receipt certificate (they must clearly indicate which entity has sold you the equipment and at what cost);
  • documents on the customs clearance of a polygraph and documents confirming the payment of customs payments;
  • declaration of conformity and certificates of SES according to Ukrainian standards.