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THE UKRAINIAN POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION (UPA) is a professional public organization operating throughout Ukraine, was founded in 2014 with the goal of combining polygraph examiners with various professional knowledge and practical experience to form a single fundamental scientific basis and theoretical bases for researches with a polygraph, create methodological recommendations, and also for generalization of practical experience with polygraph in our country.

The Ukrainian Polygraph Association has the following tasks:

  • development of the profession “polygraph examiner”
  • development and improvement of legislation about polygraph researches (examinations/polygraph tests)
  • implementation of ethical standards of polygraph examiners and protection of professional rights

The Association has been steadily expanding its scope of work, as well as the level of its tasks.

Our fundamental tenets: independence, openness, apoliticality, democracy and equality of our members.


тест на поліграфі тест на полиграфе проверка датчики полиграфа давачі поліграфа крепление кріплення вап асоціація поліграфологів ассоциация полиграфологов #вапдієNovember 11, 2014 – the founding of the UKRAINIAN POLYGRAPH ASSOCIATION. The number of members is 12, the office of the UPA was opened in Kyiv.


  • registered trademark “POLYGRAPH”
  • made the first Ukrainian polygraph “RUBICON”
  • a methodology for carrying out the polygraph researches was developed by the UPA
  • polygraph examiner training courses were created on the basis of the UPA and the National University


  • 14 Representative Offices of the UPA were established in the largest cities of Ukraine
  • UPA became a co-author of the Draft Law on Polygraph in Ukraine
  • the UPA Expert Center was founded


  • put into operation the state National standard 8692: 2016 “Polygraph”
  • International Center of the UPA was created
  • the number of polygraph examiners in the Register exceeded 200 persons
  • released 2 models of polygraph “RUBICON”


  • the number of UPA regional Offices increased to 25
  • polygraph chair “POLYGRAPH-SYSTEM” was created
  • UPA tested for all TV channels and public projects
  • software for polygraph “RUBICON ” was created


  • number of polygraph examiners in the Register 300+ persons
  • the UPS website has been translated into 30 languages
  • “Polygraphology” textbook released
  • UPA studied 100+ polygraph examiners

Representative Offices

Currently, the Association has regional Representative Offices throughout all Ukraine.

This allows us to organize, in a timely and qualified manner, the conduct of polygraph examinations / tests anywhere in the country and to cooperate with enterprises, institutions and organizations that have an extensive network of branches and representative offices.


The number of members of the UPA exceeds 300 people.

We have united polygraph examiners from all regions of our country, including: psychologists, lawyers, doctors, forensic experts and recognized scientists in the field of psychophysiological researches.

Register of polygraph examiners

The Register of Polygraph Examiners of Ukraine is the official Registry established by the Ukrainian Polygraph Association on the basis of the written consent of all polygraph examiners specified therein.

реєстр поліграфологів реестр полиграфологов вап polygraph register

The Registry already has 350+ polygraph examiners from all over Ukraine!

Link to the Registry:



Priority directions

  • Creation of a unified scientific methodological base for carrying out studies using polygraph
  • Building of effective relations with state bodies, lobbying for the interests of the profession
  • Promote the professional development of polygraph examiners and the dissemination of ethical standards of conduct among them
  • Participation in the legislative process and development of proposals for the improvement of the current legislation
  • Development of international cooperation with organizations of polygraph examiners in the World, holding of outbound conferences and meetings
  • Ensuring the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the members of the Association and strengthening existing legal norms regarding the legal protection of polygraph examiners and members of the Association
  • Assistance in improving the system of training and advanced training of polygraph examiners

International partnership

The Ukrainian Polygraph Association actively cooperates with foreign colleagues.

So, we cooperate with polygraph examiners from Israel, Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, UAE.

Many foreigners have been trained in UPA polygraph examiner`s courses.

Details about the polygraph examiner’s courses at:

Training of polygraph examiners

The UPA also has members who have started their practice abroad, especially actively in European countries bordering Ukraine in the west.

30 languages

We translated the site into thirty languages to make ourselves known all over the world!

  1. Italian / Italiano
  2. Japanese / 日本人
  3. Swedish  / Svenska
  4. Danish / Dansk
  5. Slovak  / Slovenský
  6. Arabic /  اللغة العربية‎
  7. Bulgarian / Български
  8. Hungarian / Magyar
  9. Dutch /  Nederlands
  10. Greek / Ελληνικά
  11. Georgian /  ქართული
  12. Estonian / Eesti keel
  13. Hebrew / עברית
  14. Kyrgyz / Кыргыз
  15. Chinese /  漢語
  16. Korean / 한국어
  17. Lithuanian / Lietùvių
  18. Norwegian / Norsk
  19. Polish /Polski
  20. Portuguese / Portuguesa
  21. Serbian /  Српски
  22. Slovenian  / Slovenščina
  23. Tajik  / Забо́ни тоҷикӣ
  24. Turkish / Türkçe 
  25. Turkmen / Türkmen elipbiýi
  26. Uzbek / Оʻzbek tili
  27. Finnish  / Suomi
  28. Croatian / Hrvatski
  29. Czech /  Čeština
  30. French /  Français

We are glad that you are interested in our Association.

The Ukrainian Polygraph Association welcomes all like-minded people and invites you to join our organization to bring ideas together.

We hope that our principles and objectives correspond to your ideas about the future of the Ukrainian polygraph examiner profession.

It’s interesting with us!

With us professionally!

It is promising with us!