Membership in the ukrainian polygraph association

Ukrainian polygraph association (UPA) is the most numerous, dynamic and progressive professional association of polygraph examiners in our country.

Polygraph examiners from all regional centers and big cities of Ukraine have already joined us. Our representatives are in all corners of Ukraine.

If we were asked what we most like in the work of the UPA, then we would say – be useful. We strive to cover all possible professional aspects of researches on polygraphs, as well as to promote the professional growth and development of each member of the UPA.

What else?

With us – it’s professionally! The UPA unites the best specialists and you will always find like-minded people or opponents, will be able to share experience or learn the opinions of leading experts.

With us – it’s interesting! UPA is not only an assistant in professional development, but also a developer of promising projects. We not only state that we need to develop, but we also know how to move forward.

With us – it’s promising! Within the framework of the UPA there are working groups on improving the legislation in the field of polygraph researches, the conclusions of which are sent to the heads of ministries and departments.

With us – it’s profitable! UPA systematically receives requests and orders from both individuals and legal entities for research / testing on polygraphs throughout Ukraine. In the future, these orders are distributed only between members of the UPA.

The unified register of polygraphologist of ukraine includes more than 200 specialists


We guarantee to all members of the Ukrainian Polygraph Association:

Profile activities:

  • free participation in events organized by the UPA;
  • preferential participation in events organized by the UPA partners.

Methodological support:

  • preferential prices for a basic training course for polygraph examiners;
  • preferential prices for refresher training courses;
  • free help to beginners;
  • preferential prices for consulting experienced polygraph examiners;
  • free provision of methodological materials developed by the UPA experts;
  • preferential prices for methodological materials developed by the UPA partners;
  • provision of materials for specialized events in which members of the Association participated.


  • preferential prices for polygraphs;
  • preferential prices for repair and maintenance of polygraphs;
  • preferential prices for sensors for polygraphs;
  • free consultations when choosing or replacing a polygraph.

Expert support:

  • preferential prices for reviewing the researches;
  • free assistance in drafting expert opinions.


  • the first-priority right to inform about the availability of vacancies both in commercial structures and in government agencies;
  • advisory support for employment.


  • information on the members of the UPA is available on the UPA website;
  • UPA membership confirms the professionalism of the polygraph examiner;
  • Internet and media promotion of both the Association and its members;
  • receiving orders for researches from customers of the Association;
  • engaging polygraph examiners to quickly execute large orders;
  • mutual forwarding of orders to UPA members from other regions.

How to become a member of the UPA?

Step 1:

Download and fill out only three documents:

Step 2:

Send the scans of documents to the e-mail address of the UPA: info@polygraph.ua or send the original documents to the postal address of the UPA: Kikvidze str., 41, Kiev, 01103.

And it’s all!

Do I have to pay for membership in the UPA? Are there other fees?

According to the decision of the founders of the UPA, there will be no mandatory membership fees, UPA activities will be organized on voluntary contributions.

There are no other payments and will not be.